"A Focus on Clear " Webinar | Taylor

“A Clear Focus on Communications” Webinar


Taylor Communications Secure and Customer Solutions (SCS) hosted a free webinar titled “A Clear Focus on Communications” on September 18. To listen click here.

About the Speakers

Mary Hegarty is a Product Director at Taylor Communications SCS, where she manages the Clear Communications Team for the Professional and Technical Services group. For over 25 years, Mary has been involved with all aspects of communications from design, development and management through production and delivery. Her professional career started in the insurance industry, where she lead the initiative to automate policies. She moved on to Xerox, where she gained hands on knowledge on production of complex jobs. For the past 15+ years, she and Robert have focused on helping clients elevate customer experience through clear communications.

Robert Linsky is the Director of Information Design at Taylor Communications SCS. He is an internationally recognized thought leader whose work in information design and clear communications has spanned over 25 years. Robert is a member of the International Institute for Information Design (IIID), CLARITY, Information Design Association (IDA) and he was on the board of PLAIN. In 2008, he was named a Lifetime Fellow of the Communications Research Institute. In addition to teaching and chairing the design department at various design schools in the Boston area, he served for twelve years on the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design including two terms as board chair.