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Mind Springs Health, Boston Children’s Hospital Win 2019 Sherman Awards

Awards conferred by EngagingPatients.org recognize excellence in patient engagement

Scott Wallace, Vice President of Sales Operations for Taylor Healthcare (left), presents the Sherman Award to Jules Rosen, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Mind Springs Health.

Houston (May 16, 2019) –  Mind Springs Health’s Phase Based Care program and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Perioperative Complex Spine Surgery Team were named the winners of the annual Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement at the IHI Annual Patient Safety Congress today.

The honor was conferred by Taylor Healthcare and the IHI Lucian Leape Institute on behalf of EngagingPatients.org, the online community that sponsors the award. The Sherman Award recognizes innovative programs that are improving care and outcomes through patient and family engagement.

“We continue to be impressed and inspired by the work being done to improve patient and family engagement throughout the world,” said Scott Wallace, vice president of sales operations of Taylor Healthcare and Sherman Award judge. “These programs demonstrate how patient engagement truly can impact outcomes and improve care.”

About the Sherman Award winners:

Mind Springs Health Phase Based Care program

Patients seeking psychiatric help often face wait times of seven weeks or more, a figure that is even greater in rural areas. Every year, more than 6 million patients present to EDs with a psychiatric crisis as their primary complaint.

Mind Springs Health, a community mental health center that serves 10 counties in rural Western Colorado, opened its Rapid Recovery Clinic for depression to provide timely access and intensity-appropriate treatment for these patients.

The program shortens wait time to four days after initial intake—rather than the national standard of one to three months. A multi-disciplinary team meets with the patient to review treatment options including psychotherapy and medication and patients offered access to case management, peer support and group therapy which they can attend weekly without an appointment.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that all encounters within a treatment setting, regardless of the care providers’ credentials, have therapeutic value. The shared clinical contributions of all team members means that patients receive more clinical contact. The care teams at Mind Springs Health work intensely and collaboratively to address each patient’s needs.

Results have been significant. Patients are being seen more quickly, and 63 percent of patients are considered to be “in recovery” by week six and 78 percent by week 12 (based on continual monitoring of valid self-rating depression survey scores). Additionally, the cumulative number of contact hours performed by all team members on each patient is higher than that of the traditional care model.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for the work we are doing at Mind Springs Health. We believe that mental health treatment “works,” said Jules Rosen, MD, chief medical officer. “For that reason, we know how critically important it is for patients experiencing mental health challenges to access and engage in care rapidly and to achieve stability as soon as possible. We are proud to be changing our care model to better serve this important and underserved population.”

Boston Children’s Hospital Perioperative Complex Spine Surgery Team

Frustrated by the preparation process for spinal fusion surgery in children with neuromuscular scoliosis, the Perioperative Complex Spine Surgery Team at Boston Children’s hospital set out to make a difference. They decided to reengineer the process for high-risk surgeries involving these children with complex medical needs. Their goal was to make the process more patient-centered and improve communication and coordination among families and care teams.

The team — particularly, two medical professionals who are parents of children who underwent spinal fusion surgeries — devoted countless hours generating and implementing ideas to improve care. Together, they engineered and optimized seven core processes including proactive communication from the surgeons to the child’s other providers about the need for spinal fusion, patient chart review and phone calls between a complex care/general pediatrician and an APN and an outpatient comprehensive health assessment with risk identification, shared decision making and planning.

Results have been impressive. As pre-op patient engagement and care integration increased, substantial decreases were observed with length of stay, hospital costs, and surgical site infections. Families have been highly satisfied, and the new design is being hardwired into standard practices.

“We are thrilled to accept the Sherman Award,” said Jay Berry, MD, MPH, general pediatrician, Complex Care Service, Division of General Pediatrics. “Our patient and family partners — Lucia Bastianelli, Blyth Lord, and Erin Ward — are the inspiration for the work. Their engagement and alignment with our surgery and anesthesiology providers are responsible for the success of our re-designed, perioperative care.”

Nominations were evaluated on their success in advancing patient engagement and driving results, sustainability, potential for replication, effectiveness in communicating and collaborating with stakeholders and inspirational value.

“These projects show how partnering with patients and families and taking a person-centered approach to care can generate improved outcomes as well as more efficient and effective care,” said Tejal K. Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, Chief Clinical and Safety Officer, IHI. “IHI is pleased to join in recognizing these outstanding initiatives.”

The independent judging panel also named three Honorable Mentions: Memorial Regional Hospital’s Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program, the HeartBrothers Foundation and Henry Ford Hospital’s MICU Early Rehab Program.

During the coming months, EngagingPatients.org will feature the winners and finalists as guest bloggers. Full details of the winner and finalist initiatives are at www.engagingpatients.org.