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Top 4 Communications Challenges Faced by Enterprise Businesses

InfoTrends Survey Highlights Customer Communications Priorities

We’re moving toward an increasingly digitized world, one with countless emails, online transactions and eDocuments. Consumers’ expectations for timely, personalized and highly polished communications have never been higher — or more difficult to meet. These factors are transforming enterprise communications strategies from a mindset of simply reducing costs to prioritizing high-quality messaging that improves the customer experience, drives revenue and reinforces brand loyalty.

Annual State of Transactional Communications 

InfoTrends, a leading provider of market research and strategic consulting for the digital imaging and document solutions industry, conducted a survey of 300 North American enterprise business executives to better understand their priorities in reaching customers. According to the results, these executives want to develop enterprise-wide customer communications strategies that address the following critical issues:

1. Maintaining a secure environment to ensure all content (regulated and unregulated) is created, managed and distributed effectively.

Enterprise businesses are struggling to balance their desire for deeper data analytics and their need to protect customer privacy while maintaining regulatory compliance. Today’s marketplace is characterized by increasingly sophisticated security breaches, heightened regulatory oversights and complex compliance requirements.

2. Implementing strategies to reduce costs.

In order to devise a customer communications plan that improves customer experience and ultimately drives revenue, enterprise businesses and their provider partners must first eliminate unnecessary expenditures. Some of the critical objectives being explored include:

  • Digitizing infrastructure with the right skills and staff expertise
  • Increasing paper turnoff rate
  • Maximizing production/communication efficiency

3. Improving the customer experience through consistent and personalized communications via the best channel(s).

Enterprise businesses are looking to improve the customer experience through a cohesive approach that unites interactions across various communications channels. One important element is personalization, which drives greater relevancy. The right data and customer preferences must be captured so the right message can be delivered via the best channel at the most appropriate time in the customer journey.

4. Getting the data right to deliver on the promise of personalization.

As previously mentioned, data is the key enabler of personalization. Although enterprise businesses have access to more data than ever before, properly harnessing it to improve communications and the customer experience is the real challenge. Fortunately, some of today’s new and emerging technologies can assist in selecting, organizing and using data to power customized messaging.

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