Durable and Safety Labels

Organize. Analyze. Optimize.

  • Improve quality and efficiency with better industrial labels
  • Assure agency compliance with industry experts who know the regulations
  • Cut costs with smarter printing, production, and delivery options
  • Eliminate line shutdowns with a dependable and efficient supply chain

Our durable labels experts work closely with you to find the best design to meet your needs and budget. We will help you improve label performance, reduce obsolescence, lower total costs and improve operational efficiencies.

All Labels and Packaging Products


Why does leadership in material science and agency compliance matter?

Our experts work closely with you to create the optimal combination of top coat, substrate, adhesive and liner to fit your  industrial labels application.

We work with UL, CSA, ANSI and more to ensure materials are approved and in compliance.

The results? Compliance and reliable performance at the best possible price.

Durable Label Capabilities

Label Kits

Consolidate SKU’s and reduce application errors.

  • Instead of buying and stocking numerous SKUs, put them on one label kit
  • Minimize steps, save time for workers
  • Ensure labels travel with work in process
  • Arrange labels in sequence of application
  • Easily notice when labels are skipped


Manufacturing Assessment for Printed Production Parts

MAP3 is our proprietary approach to analyzing the fit, form and function of all printed production parts and driving cost reduction via process improvements.

We look for material consolidation, re-engineering and substitution, die size reduction and migration to technology, through six stages to improve your industrial labels.

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Lay-flat Labels

A smoother approach to protect your brand and safety messaging

Eliminate the bubbles and wrinkles that arise on larger labels, irregular surfaces, or outgassing from certain plastics. The bubbles and wrinkles detract from brand and safety messaging. And they drive inefficiency through increased application time, scrap and rework.

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Digital Durable Labels

Meet demanding turn-time requirements for short to medium production on a wide range of material constructions.

In-Mold Labels

Improve aesthetics and durability at significantly lower cost.

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Monroney Labels

A turnkey solution that provides efficiency, flexibility and compliance. Our Monroney solution is a blend of software, services, printers, maintenance, forms, labels and other consumables.

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Line Down Avoidance

Keeping your production lines running continuously is our top priority. State of the art printing technology and a comprehensive inventory planning model ensure that you never run out.

Mexico Production

Standard Register Latinoamérica provides the same products and services as our U.S. based operations with the same expertise, quality and attention to detail. We partner with you—on both sides of the border—to streamline your label program, minimize your inventory and optimize production.

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