Gift and Loyalty Cards

A complete solution focused on gift cards and lenticular products

  • Innovative gift, loyalty and membership card printing in any quantity
  • Secure card packaging facility with Visa and MasterCard® certification
  • On-site creative and R&D to help build your brand and your business

Taylor is one of the largest producers of gift, loyalty and membership cards, along with best-in-class lenticular products. We combine strategy, creativity and technology to engage consumers, build brand passion, and generate revenue for our clients. Count on us to make it all happen.

Featured Products:

  • B2C and B2B card fulfillment
  • Card inventory replenishment
  • Card on carrier
  • Gift, loyalty and membership cards
  • Lenticular direct mail
  • Lenticular promotional products
  • Lenticular signage
  • Luggage tags
  • Multipacks
  • Secure card packaging


Ignite Consumer Engagement and Build Brand Passion

Place your brand into the hands of consumers with innovative gift cards. Sell more with versatile card packaging options that provide security, giftability and multiple cards per pack. Bring your message to life with depth, animation and motion graphics in a lenticular printed piece.

Marketplace Advantages

In today’s market, you need gift cards that command attention. We can help your brand stand out on the shelf with innovative cards.

  • Specialty inks and a variety of foil options to make your card glimmer, sparkle, and shine
  • Textures and raised surfaces that engage consumers’ senses
  • Lenticular motion and 3D that draws people in with a play factor nothing else can do
  • FSC® certified paper options, as well as other environmentally friendly options to help reduce your impact on the environment

Keeping customers coming back is the key to any successful business. With unique and personalized loyalty cards you show your customers how much you care.

  • Large variety of printing options to enhance your brand and intrigue your customers
  • Card personalization to let your customer know it was made just for them
  • Card delivery directly to the customer in a brand right package that enhances their experience

Creating and delivering member cards and program details in a HIPAA-approved facility is a big deal. You won’t have to worry about patients’ sensitive data, as we’ll take care of that for you.

  • HIPAA approved fulfillment center means we can handle your member card needs
  • State-of-the-art equipment means we can affix multiple family members’ cards onto one form
  • Advanced verification steps to make sure the right person gets the right card, every time

Your brand deserves the attention lenticular can bring to it. Whether on shelf, in the mail, or in your consumers’ hands, lenticular offers captivating effects that build brand loyalty and increase messaging recall.

  • 3D and animation effects in the palm of your hand will delight your consumer
  • Increases brand recall up to 3 times
  • Increases brand affinity up to 7 times
  • Increase consumer engagement up to 12 times
  • Consumers are 48% more likely to keep a lenticular direct mail piece

Visa and MasterCard branded gift and general purpose reloadable cards can’t be handled by just anyone. We have a secure card facility and team to keep your cards and data safe at all times.

  • PCI compliant facility to ensure the integrity of your data and safety of your product
  • Visa and MasterCard certified packaging facility to handle all your secure card needs
  • In-house R&D and creative to develop tamper-resistant packaging for you, helping to prevent fraud while remaining attractive on the shelf

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