Data Solutions

Outperform your competition by using more than intuition

  • Organize data into actionable insights
  • Increase campaign conversion performance by 15-30%
  • Target using custom scoring model
  • Match direct response postal or email file to a household digital ID

At Taylor, we know that careful analysis of data can support a strategic approach to business objectives and dramatically increase the performance of marketing. By organizing data into actionable insights, you gain a deeper understanding of when and where targets are likely to buy.

Featured Offerings:

Performance Optimization

  • Data cleansing
  • Data enhancements
  • Marketing data hubs

Analytic Services

  • Customer profiling
  • Custom scoring models
  • Customer surveys

Digital Services

  • Advanced email marketing
  • Direct response targeting
  • Email marketing automation

Digital Targeting


Who Do Top Brands Choose for Their Data Needs?

Top brands choose Taylor for our proven track record of developing strategies that improve targeting. We’ll guide design and execution to improve your response rates and consumer engagement.

marketplace advantages

marketing data solutions

Who are your customers? What motivates them? Deeper insight into these questions will result in better decision-making and increased ROI.


Don’t market with blinders on. Get the most out of your marketing data by using our exceptional analysis tools — you will quickly find out what’s working and continually optimize your bottom-line marketing performance. Big data is here, and it can be overwhelming. Many organizations accumulate terabytes of information on their industry, business and customers daily.


Get exclusive access to the automotive industry’s best auto shopper prospecting source for email, direct mail & digital advertising. Identify your customers who are actively shopping for a vehicle. Market to them and keep them with your brand. It’s as easy matching your customer database with AutoNet Direct, the most comprehensive shopper database.


Do you only have one list for prospecting? We don’t agree with this approach. Scanning multiple lists industry wide will give your company a more diversified list strategy based on your targets and business goals.


Case Study

Insurance Giant Extends Reach with AutoNet Direct

Case Study

Major Furniture Retailer sees major improvement in sales

Data Sourcing and Data Management Experts

  • National Acxiom Masterfile
  • D&B National Masterfile
  • B2C and B2C experience

Certifications and Proficiencies

  • G7 Master Qualified Printer
  • ISO 9000
  • PCI compliant
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Forest Stewardship Council™