Technology and portals for managing customer communications

  • Increase digital adoption
  • Decrease costs by moving to paperless distribution
  • Improve digital usability by adding features for mobile
  • Support personalized, one-to-one marketing campaigns
  • Boost customer satisfaction through consistent omnichannel interaction

Whether your communication is delivered via mobile or mailbox, Taylor has the technology and expertise to streamline process and support customer preferences. We make it easier to connect so you have more time for other complex business challenges.

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How does our technology platform support Customer Communications Management?

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is the strategic process of improving the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound and interactive communications. Taylor provides a wide array of technology solutions and talent to support your CCM initiatives, including:

  • Document design and composition
  • Document PDL translation and workflow
  • Digital and print delivery
  • Autopay
  • eStatements
  • Payment reminders
  • Purchase history
  • Past account statements
  • Policy renewals


KLIC Access

Collaboration Tools To Support Digital Adoption

View, manage and understand your jobs and projects better with the help of self-service portals and dashboards

When you arm people with the information and flexibility they need, work gets done faster. Teams collaborate seamlessly. Customers stay happy.

The KLIC Access self-service portal lets you view, manage and understand your projects and documents—helping you connect in smarter ways with your customers.

  • Stay nimble with dynamic messaging, proof, approval and customer task collaboration
  • Streamline production with improved workflow, job/piece-level tracking, automated reprints and SLA management
  • View statements in real time, easily search document history, and check inbound/outbound delivery status
  • Quickly access information important to your critical communication efforts, including performance reports and usage statistics
KLIC Editor

Document Creation and Editing

Self-service tools to empower your document creation and management

  • Create
  • Edit
  • Proof
  • Approve
  • Version Control

eDelivery Methods

Watch response rates soar when you apply our qualified recommendations to your campaign objectives

  • Email strategy and development
  • Mobile strategy and development
  • SMS program management

See how one large insurer used SMS to make its process more efficient, while saving on phone support, data processing, print and postage.  Through SMS, the insurer reduced return mail by 30% and achieved  100% compliance.


Engagement Tools

Put your strategy into market faster with the ultimate web app for self-service marketing management

Our engagement module puts enterprise marketing at your fingertips, giving you control over marketing, advertising, promotions, prospecting, cross-sell, even funds management all in a single platform.

  • Build integrated digital, print and social campaigns for specific audiences in minutes
  • Design your own custom reports on the fly without IT programming
  • Manage lists, campaign funds and production orders
  • Monitor social media success
  • More than 200+ marketing apps and growing
KLIC Consent

Customer Preference Tools

We’ll help you find the best ways to gather consent, manage the process and remain in compliance

Give your customers an intuitive and user-friendly web interface to register their communication preferences.  That's how we helped a major consumer finance company promote a paperless option that boosted e-adoption 9%.  
KLIC Advance

ePayment Tools

Offer your customers a simple, secure, customized option for viewing and paying bills online

Taylor Communications offer ePayment options that let you and your customers:
  • View and manage payment information
  • View PDF statements
  • Make payments
  • Support customer service teams