Data Optimization

Organize your data into actionable insights

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Enhance customer experience with meaningful, personalized information

Companies who use big data are able to create personalized programs using customer details and real-time engagement.

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Get the most out of your marketing data

At Taylor, we know careful analysis of your data can support a more strategic approach to your business objectives. By organizing data into actionable insights, you gain a deeper understanding of when and where prospective customers are most likely to buy.

data optimization capabilities

List Development, Strategy & Management

Reduce risk and increase returns with an integrated direct email and targeted lead generation strategy that finds more prospects and converts them to customers.

  • Access to the nation’s largest list network
  • More than 120,000 sources for B2C, B2B and specialty needs
  • Proprietary performance-based testing plan

Data Modeling & Targeting

Dramatically improve your targeted marketing by leveraging customer data and appending demographic and lifestyle attributes…or demographic and firmagraphic characteristics for B2B audiences. By layering this information with the propensity to buy, Taylor can help determine who will respond to your communications, efforts that increase prospecting performance and pay for themselves over a short period of time.

AutoNet Prospecting Data

See why 8 out of 10 auto OEMs choose AutoNet Direct:

  • Access to more than 650,000 new active automotive shoppers each month
  • 230,000 approaching lease-ends per month
  • 10 million self-reported consumers intending to purchase this year
  • Nation’s largest, self-reported vehicle ownership history
  • 7 million business auto ownership records

Mapping the Customer Experience

Companies in all industries are investing in customer journey maps, using them as tools to increase customer satisfaction and improve customer experience.

Journey maps can create new opportunities for high value connections with customers, driven by their preferences or your business goals. Download this graphic to learn more about their importance for your business.


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Postage Optimization

Advanced Scoring

Use data to enhance customer experience. Our IBM SPSS Neural Networks modeling tools provide deep-dive, non-linear data modeling that enables you to discover more complex relationships in your data. We’ll help you evaluate demographics, psychographics, household buying behaviors and life event triggers.