CCM Technical and Professional Services

Experts in digital transformation, powered by NEPS

Taylor and NEPS have helped many organizations reduce hard dollar costs in the area of customer communications management by:

  • Evaluating current systems
  • Collapsing redundant processes and systems
  • Reducing the amount of paper generated
  • Lessening time spent on content creation, approval and deplandoyment
  • Decreasing application maintenance time

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Orchestrating information for relevant, personalized delivery

Using proven methodologies and robust technology, Taylor and NEPS can help you design effective, actionable communication that improves the experience for your customers. Our comprehensive platform supports a wide range of applications for both marketing campaigns and transactional communication.

Technical and Professional Services

Information Design

Create effective, actionable designs for specific customer communications using our proprietary Luna™ Philosophy

  • Create a better customer experience
  • Reduce customer service calls, errors and costs
  • Identify optimal number of touch points
  • Improve response and sales
  • Improve payment time frame
  • Improve customer satisfaction rating
  • Improve retention, cross-sell and upsell efforts
  • Transform transactional documents from cost center to revenue source



Customer Experience Mapping

Improve customer experience with a proven methodology

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Grow revenue
  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Gain full visibility by linking journey maps to all touch points

Data Optimization and Marketing Strategy

List management, data modeling, targeting, message and offer response analytics, and more

  • Improve customer experience
  • Achieve substantial postage savings
  • Drive greater relevance, engagement and response to grow revenue

Communications Technology Resources

Ways to help skilled technical workers perform internal customer communication tasks

  • Maintain business and keep communications flowing
  • Utilize staff to meet peak demand
  • Reduce internal IT costs
  • Increase speed to market

Hosted Services

Providing technical solutions to close performance gaps

  • Little to no capital expenditure
  • Full visibility to customer communications
  • Consistent output
  • Improved customer experience

Technology Consulting

Transition from many local strategies to a single enterprise strategy

  • More efficient and effective platform
  • Cost savings
  • Quicker turnaround in onboarding new content and making content changes
  • Reduced support risk