Making your correspondence personal

  • Establish trust and credibility
  • Provide a consistent brand experience
  • Become recognizable

 A matching set of business stationery items is a great way to show clients that you care about the details.  As your organization evolves, your stationery will evolve with it. Our pulse on print keeps you ahead of the game with the latest paper stocks, inks and print processes. No matter where your brand travels, we keep it consistent.

All Corporate Identity and Branding Products


Hospitality Industry Success

Producing collateral for 50 locations in 30 days

A large hospitality company with 250 U.S. locations needed a partner to help coordinate and produce new corporate identity and collateral pieces for 50 locations within a 30 day period.

Taylor produced 2 million units across 12 items to launch the first 50 locations within 30 days.  As a result of this successful execution, Taylor was awarded 9 million additional units in preparation for rebranding of the customer’s other 200 locations.


Business Stationery To Fit Your Needs

Organizations are using various letterhead types, all the same color, for different functions of their organization. Check out the options below:  
  • Standard: The Standard paper choice is usually the default for invoicing and general correspondence.
  • Executive: Consider providing management and executive level staff a higher quality letterhead denoted by a thicker stock, cotton content and/or watermark. This allows them to meet brand standards while adding a touch of prestige and elegance.
  • Proposal: Usually a middle stock between standard and executive letterheads, this paper choice leaves an impression of quality when given to potential customers.

Envelopes Deliver Instant Recognition

Keep your daily business operations running smoothly with professional envelopes. Envelopes, branded with your company logo, add a special touch to all your correspondence and communications while keeping the materials inside of them protected from harsh elements.   Types of Envelopes
  • Direct Mail
  • Business Reply
  • Double Window
  • Announcement
  • Notecard
  • Catalog
  • Variable Data Imprint
  • Security

Memo Pads Make An Impression

Capture your personal thoughts, ideas and notes to clients or co-workers on a memo pad that is personalized to you and your business. Available in a variety of sizes and styles you are sure to find a custom pad that is perfect for you.  
  • Customizable to your brand colors and logo
  • With or without lines
  • Magnetic (optional)
  • Sturdy cardboard backer

Notecards: The Personal Touch

Note cards are an easy extension of your brand and messaging. Capture a client’s attention with a variety of print processes that show your brand in the best light. When you note card conveys professionalism it reflects back on you.   Perfect for:
  • Sales prospecting
  • Follow-ups
  • Product launches
  • Thank you notes
  • And More