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Precise Color Matching Comes to Digital Durable Labels


NORTH MANKATO, MN (JANUARY 16, 2018) – Taylor Communications announced today that it has
achieved G7® Master Printer Certification of its integrated color management system for producing digital
durable labels at its plant in Radcliff, Ky.

G7® is an industry-leading set of specifications from Idealliance® for achieving visual similarity across
all print processes. It is a global standard widely used to measure the color accuracy of digital print on paper,
but its application to digital durable labels is relatively new.

“This certification provides third-party verification that Taylor Communications delivers exceptional
color matching and color consistency to short and medium runs of durable labels,” said Jeff Crump, executive
vice president, Operations. “This allows customers to print more economical quantities of labels that can
withstand harsh conditions over time without compromising their brand standards.”

Taylor Communications’ recent investment in a new digital label press, as well as in-line and offline
scanners, has enabled the company to consistently meet tighter Delta-E specifications that are less discernible
to the human eye. Delta-E is the unit of measurement indicating the distance between two colors within a
defined gamut.

The company also subjects its digital labels to extensive testing to gauge durability, using equipment to
simulate wind, sun, humidity, abrasion, chemical exposure and other factors. UL-certified materials are
available for use in digital durable labels, if needed.

“Radcliff’s certification is part of an overall effort to achieve G7 certification for digital devices across
Taylor Communications,” Crump said. “This allows the company to more precisely match a customer’s
branding color requirements on a variety of digitally printed items, from brochures and service manuals to
labels and packaging.”

Taylor Communications’ production network includes 495,000 square feet and more than 500
employees dedicated to label production and fulfillment. Recent investments in digital durable label
production at Radcliff include a 7-color UV ink jet digital press, in-line laser die cutter and offline mechanical
die cutter. The speed and flexibility of digital production allows Taylor to offer standard 72-hour turn times on
digital durable label orders, with faster turn times available on demand.

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