Welcome solutions for your guests, employees and franchisees

  • Build brand consistency
  • Get more guests in the door
  • Nurture strong employee relationships
  • Promote repeat business and loyalty
  • Support franchisee success

With end-to-end solutions, a national network of production facilities and deep industry knowledge, Taylor is uniquely positioned to help casual, fast-casual and quick-serve restaurants grow their business.


A single partner for marketing that nourishes key relationships

Taylor Corporation is a:

  • Diverse marketing solution provider with the people, processes and technology to help our clients improve guest experiences, drive efficiencies and grow revenue
  • Seasoned manufacturer with a national network of facilities for print production, kitting, warehousing and fulfillment
  • Single vendor partner that provides marketing and promotional solutions to casual, fast-casual and quick-serve restaurants


Attract and Retain Guests

Boosting loyalty, driving efficiencies and creating personalized, omnichannel guest experiences are crucial for maximizing market share.

  • Exterior and architectural signage
  • Interactive guest experiences
  • Interior décor
  • Multichannel loyalty campaigns
  • Point-of-purchase and event materials
  • Vehicle and building wraps

Ensure Brand Consistency

Brand consistency instills trust ― a promise to your guests that you will deliver the experience they expect and demand.

  • Access to nearly 100 certified G7 color experts
  • Branded signs, gift cards, employee uniforms and more
  • Mobile ordering tools and workflow approvals
  • Promotional and wayfinding signage

Improve Employee Retention

Rewarding and recognizing employees can help you keep a high-quality labor force.

  • Automated employee recruitment campaigns
  • Branded employee apparel
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Employee uniform programs
  • Employee welcome and training kits

Increase Speed to Market and Efficiency

Working with a single partner for marketing and promotions can boost operational efficiency, simplify processes and ensure brand consistency.

  • In-house creative services
  • Mobile ordering for promotional materials
  • Nationwide network of print and warehousing facilities
  • Print-on-demand of static or customized signage, posters and more
  • Turnkey project management

KLIC RealTime Menu

Manage menu development, print and distribution in real time anytime.

  • Consolidated menu planning, design, ordering and fulfillment
  • Coordinated communications among multiple contributors
  • Flexible automation to match and enhance processes
  • Incorporates Taylor capabilities such as print-on-demand, fulfillment and warehousing
  • Simple, time-saving tools for menu creation

Franchisee-Focused Solutions

Support franchisees’ efforts to execute effective, on-brand marketing campaigns with access to a centralized strategy and access to the right marketing tools.

  • Comprehensive signage solutions: architectural, promotional, POP and more
  • Customized gift cards, event cards and thank-you notes
  • Marketing materials delivered to each location accurately and on time
  • Online store profiling and tracking services
  • Segmented and 1:1 omnichannel communications

Solution Melts Inefficiencies

For Rita’s Italian Ice, we developed a point-of-purchase solution that has:

  • Streamlined POP distribution
  • Saved money on material costs and shipping
  • Enhanced franchisee satisfaction
  • Ensured timely, accurate shipment of branded merchandise
  • Taken the pain out of fulfillment programs for the client

Menu Management Made Easy

A multi-unit restaurant group turned to Taylor for help coordinating its menu distribution, accelerating menu cycles and managing brand standards.

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