Patients can sign digitally on their own mobile device

  • Patients digitally sign and complete required documents at the point of care
  • HIPAA-compliant technology uses GPS to ensure correct patient identity
  • Eliminates the need for new hardware and reduces paper costs

Now there’s a process for presenting forms and documents to patients on their own smart devices instead of a clipboard.   This new patented technology is an improvement on portals and smart phone apps because there’s nothing to download and no usernames, passwords or access codes to remember.

Taylor Healthcare’s Mobile Signature Capture is an enhancement to our Check-In and Informed Consent solutions. Powered by the innovative and patented KLIC-Sign™ technology, Mobile Signature Capture allows patients to use their own smart phones and other devices to complete and execute forms and receive educational materials.


Reimagine how healthcare providers and patients engage


Streamline Patient Registration

Registration goes smoother when patients can sign forms on their own smart devices

KLIC-Sign™ technology is a patented, secure method that is revolutionizing the completion of patient forms and documents. It uses the geolocation of the facility and a patient's device to validate his or her identity, ensuring that the right person is granted access to the system. Advantages for your healthcare facility include:

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Lower risk of cross-contamination from sharing hardware
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Less time spent administering and explaining forms and systems
  • Fully HIPAA compliant
  • All information captured and accessible as structured data for use by other systems
  • Seamless integration with EHR and patient portals

Clinical Enterprise Made Easy

Fully integrated with healthcare’s most advanced Document Automation Platform

Mobile Signature Capture is available as an add-on to our Check-In automated registration solution and Informed Consent solution. It allows for a more enhanced, patient-centric electronic forms workflow.

Mobile Signature Capture can also be configured for a facility-provided tablet or kiosk if patients don't have their own device, ensuring a much smoother process for all. Now you can:

  • Prepare “kits” for common procedures and categories of patient
  • Support for all patient forms, consents, instructions and educations materials
  • Capture patient signatures
  • Enhance patient satisfaction