Standardize, manage and automate critical workflows

  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Improve patient access and engagement
  • Maximize IT investments
  • Reduce waste
  • Mitigate risk

In spite of EHR implementations, many healthcare organizations still have paper-based workflows and content. The rules-based engine of our healthcare workflow software merges patient demographic information and initiates workflow, enabling auto-printing of kits, forms and other printed materials such as labels and wristbands, as well as supporting discrete data routing to third-party systems.

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Streamline workflows to access, manage and produce critical documentation

Taylor Healthcare can reduce your paper costs by up to 60% by converting your clinical and administrative documents to electronic, intelligent forms via healthcare workflow automation.


Our healthcare workflow software solution lets you streamline your forms workflow process by automating the design and maintenance of critical forms and content. This allows your organization to manage clinical, administrative and departmental content electronically with an intuitive web-based interface that’s easy to use.

  • Accelerate form changes and approvals
  • Streamline workflows
  • Ensure compliance

Forms on Demand supports on-demand printing of forms, labels and wristbands prepopulated with patient demographics. Our rules-based engine allows you to merge demographic information and initiate workflow to easily access, manage and produce critical documentation.

  • Eliminate pre-printed forms
  • Reduce paper costs
  • Enhance patient safety

Our healthcare workflow automation solution for downtime allows you to generate forms and labels with patient demographic information and bar codes while the EHR or network is down for either scheduled and unscheduled time. With this healthcare workflow automation solution, patient data is still accessible and information is automatically sent to the EHR when it’s operational.

  • Maintain business continuity during downtime
  • Improve and enhance patient safety
  • Increase operational efficiency
Case Study

Virtualize Your Forms Committee

Tired of the manual, paper-based process to develop and approve forms? Forms Committee Automation offers a better, more efficient approach. Consider moving from a forms committee to a content committee:

  • Accelerate forms design
  • Enhance communication
  • Ensure standardization
  • Protect the brand
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Best Practices to Support Business Continuity

As healthcare systems automate more processes and move to electronic medical records, careful consideration must be given to how they will register and care for patients when the network and/or the HIS are down.

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Automate Forms Design and Maintenance

Manage changes to existing forms while easily initiating the development of new forms with a simple workflow management system. Streamline management, design and accountability.

  • Access an eForm and submit via the web
  • Route tasks and documents to the appropriate owner(s)
  • Track progress and manage versions