Forms On Demand

Eliminate wasteful preprinted documents

  • Eliminate preprinted forms, wristbands and labels
  • Reduce costs and mitigate risk
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Enhance patient safety
  • Ensure business continuity

Despite successfully implemented EHRs, many healthcare organizations continue to rely on outdated and inconsistent preprinted patient forms. Paper-based forms processes are oftentimes linked to risk, waste and inefficiencies.

Forms on Demand solves the paper problem by eliminating preprinted forms and allowing you to print documents, wristbands and labels on demand as needed.

With access to a complete library of electronic forms, required patient documentation can be printed with the correct patient demographic information from anywhere within the organization. With Forms on Demand by Taylor Healthcare, you can streamline care while saving costs of preprinted forms.

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Streamline care while you save the cost of preprinted forms

Forms on Demand allows you to print documents, wristbands and labels on demand as needed.  By adding Taylor Healthcare's Downtime Contingency feature, you ensure business continuity as well.


Features and Benefits

  • Print paper forms, wristbands and labels on demand from anywhere in your facility
  • Allows for management of all forms across the enterprise
  • Forms displayed can be controlled based on user or workstation location
  • Forms are auto-populated with correct patient information and barcode identification
  • Standardized forms content library ensures most current versions of forms are used

Autoprint Configuration

Forms on Demand enables you to print patient forms, wristbands and labels automatically, based on rules. Rule configurations are set up beforehand to specify what the system does based on the information it receives via HL7.

Once the patient has been registered, the system receives the HL7 feed and automatically prints those forms and other materials as specified by the rules.

Forms and form packets will have all patient demographics and appropriate barcodes to create scan-ready documents. Once the patient’s signature has been received, the document can be scanned immediately to the patient’s record in the EHR without manual indexing.

On Demand Configuration

Forms on Demand allows you to print forms as needed from anywhere within the facility. Once you’ve logged into the Forms on Demand application, search for your patient. When the patient is found, you will be able to print forms or kits for them.

With the on-demand feature you can print:

  • One or multiple copies of a single form
  • A packet of forms
  • Only selected forms from a packet
  • A combination of packets and forms, at the same time

Forms on Demand also allows you to print forms and packets for multiple patients at the same time.

Downtime Capabilities

Ensure business continuity by making forms available when your hospital’s computer systems experience downtime.

By using Forms on Demand along with our Downtime Contingency solution, you maintain the ability to generate forms and labels with patient demographic information and barcodes while the EHR or network is down.  Patient data that is input manually will be automatically uploaded to the system once the network is back up and running.

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