Forms Committee Automation

Automate and streamline the document management process

  • Streamline your forms committee with a digital document management workflow
  • Increase staff efficiency with a completely digital process
  • Reduce time and costs associated with manual, paper-based workflows

The standardization and management of healthcare information can be a complex, challenging process. As EHRs demand accelerated turnaround times and improved accuracy, it’s more important than ever to manage clinical and administrative content efficiently.

Forms Committee Automation streamlines your workflow by automating the design and maintenance of critical administrative and departmental forms and content electronically.  This frees your staff to focus on delivering documentation that enhances care in a sustainable manner.

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Virtualize your forms committee



  • Equips “virtual” forms committee with web-accessible platform – no special hardware or software required
  • Defines the form and content design, change and approval standards for workflows
  • Intelligently distributes work to specified users or groups set by administrators
  • Ensures timely workflow completion by routing of tasks and assignment reminders to users by email
  • Gives visibility to all users to ensure process accountability when needed
  • Supports DNV GL NIAHO® and ISO 9001 standards


  • Streamlines workflows and healthcare approvals
  • Ensures committee member accountability for assigned tasks
  • Centrally tracks input from workflow users with audit trail
  • Provides reporting and analytics
  • Reduces time and costs associated with manual processes
  • Increases staff efficiency with digital process
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