Maintain business continuity during system outages

  • Sustain essential functions
  • Retain access to patient data
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Enhance patient safety
  • Ensure compliance

Downtime – whether planned or unplanned – has proven to be a headache for many healthcare organizations, negatively impacting operational efficiency and patient safety.

Downtime Contingency by Taylor Healthcare complements your existing EHR by facilitating the printing of forms and labels with patient demographics and barcodes during scheduled and unplanned downtime.

Registrars can search patient data records and print admission packets while the ADT system is down. Once the system is restored, patient data collected during the downtime is automatically uploaded.

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Reduce errors associated with manual processes


Downtime Contingency Features

  • Print admissions packets (including forms, barcodes, and labels) while system is down
  • Access patient data records during downtime
  • Patient information is simultaneously populated onto all other relevant forms once entered
  • Patient data collected during downtime is automatically sent to ADT once system is operational
  • System retains patient records for up to 6 months

Administrative Downtime

If patient care or procedures are delayed due to a downtime event, there can be significant impacts on revenue and patient safety for the organization.

With Taylor Healthcare's solution, patients registered manually during a downtime event can quickly be enumerated in a special Downtime Report. The Downtime Registration database is available as a CSV or XML file, and patients can be re-imported to the EHR directly via an HL7 feed.

Administrative Downtime forms include:

  • Registration form
  • Consent to Treat form
  • Wristband and label sheet

Clinical Downtime

Avoiding the risk of clinical downtime that impacts the EHR requires determining in advance the documents you will need in a clinical setting during a protracted downtime.

Used in conjunction with our Forms on Demand solution, Taylor Healthcare can ensure your chosen critical clinical forms are accessible during downtime via our integrated application.

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