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Taylor Healthcare Announces iMedConsent Integrated Content is now available in Epic’s App Orchard

Integrated procedure specific, informed consent content facilitates perioperative patient engagement

NORTH MANKATO, MN (June 5, 2019) – Taylor Healthcare, the industry leader in digital informed consent solutions, is pleased to announce that the company’s iMedConsent™ Clinical Content Library is now available in the Epic App Orchard Marketplace.

This milestone gives customers access to the company’s industry-leading content library which can now be embedded within Epic’s surgical consent workflow, optimizing the patient experience. Embedding the content within Epic’s established workflow gives patients and providers access to the most up-to-date and complete informed consent information for more than 4,000 documented procedures.

“Improving the patient-physician dialogue in perioperative workflow has been recognized as a key contributor to improved patient safety and satisfaction metrics,” said Doug Johnson, Vice President of Channel Partnerships at Taylor Healthcare. “Our integrated solution provides timely,relevant and meaningful clinical content to support improved physician-patient engagement.

“By integrating Taylor Healthcare’s procedure-specific descriptions,risks, benefits, and alternatives into the surgical consent workflow, users now have the option to add a powerful tool that aligns with key shared-decision making initiatives.”

Lost surgical consent forms lead to operating room delays, provider frustrationand patient anxiety. According to a JAMA Surgery study, 66 percent of patientswere missing a surgical consent form at the time of surgery resulting in adelay of 14 percent of OR cases.

Informed surgical consents have been proven a useful tool in an overall strategy to enhance patient safety, mitigate risk and maximize compliance with clinical protocols. Taylor Healthcare’s integrated Clinical Content Library transforms the consent process for clients by standardizing and automating one of the most critical patient communication documents.

“Integrating our iMedConsent Clinical Content Library for Epic is consistent with a key tenet of Taylor Healthcare’s value proposition — delivering the right information, to the right place at the right time to support the patient experience through improved engagement and automation” said Chris Civitarese, Vice President, Healthcare Technology Solutions at Taylor Communications. “We are pleased to launch this new offering in the Epic App Orchard Marketplace and look forward to opportunities to further innovate within the program.” 

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