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wide-format print used in hotel setting
April 5, 2021

Taylor Commercial Print Facility near Orlando Expands to Offer Wide-Format Capabilities

April 5 – Taylor announced it has expanded the wide-format capabilities of its Orlando-based commercial printing facility to offer a broad range of signage to customers in the entertainment and hospitality industries as they prepare for re-opening.

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Scratch and sniff cards tests for loss of sense of smell
March 9, 2021

Mental Health Clinic Returns to In-Home Service With Help of Innovative Screening Tool from Taylor

MARCH 8 -- Five Rivers Mental Health Clinic adoption of an innovative method for detecting loss of smell, called scentcard™, is helping staff members to return to providing in-home services in south central Minnesota.

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Clamshell packaging is one type of prime label offered by Taylor
February 10, 2021

Taylor Expands Capacity in Prime Labels & Packaging Segment

FEB. 10 -- Taylor expands its capacity in the prime labels and packaging segment with an investment in a new 17" flexo press wide enough to support economical production while minimizing waste.

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Taylor Prime Labels & Packaging Group is a Sponsor at the World’s Largest Cannabis Industry B2B Trade Show
November 16, 2020

Taylor Prime Labels & Packaging Group is a Sponsor at the World’s Largest Cannabis Industry B2B Trade Show

NOV. 10 --Taylor Corporation brings its game-changing innovations to the world’s largest annual gathering of cannabis professionals.

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Taylor Healthcare Receives Supplier Legacy Award
September 28, 2020

Taylor Healthcare Receives Supplier Legacy Award from Premier Inc.

SEPT. 28 -- Taylor Healthcare received Premier Inc.'s Suppplier Legacy Award for its long-standing support of members through exceptional local customer serice, value creation through clinical excellence and commitment to lower costs.

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March 20, 2020

Learn How Taylor Is Responding To COVID-19 Challenges

Taylor has created a special website dedicated to keeping our customers up to date on our efforts to protect the health of employees while maintaining an uninterrupted supply of products and services.

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March 12, 2020

Top 4 Communications Challenges Faced by Enterprise Businesses

We’re moving toward an increasingly digitized world, one with countless emails, online transactions and e-documents. Consumers’ expectations for timely, personalized and highly polished communications have never been higher — or more difficult to meet. Here are the top four communications challenges faced by enterprise businesses today.

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Top 5 Procurement Best Practices
February 26, 2020

Top 5 Procurement Best Practices

If your goals include streamlining operations, increasing productivity and improving profitability, simply maintaining status quo isn’t enough. You need to transform your approach to managed services procurement by incorporating these five best practices.

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6 Networking Tips
February 18, 2020

Put These 6 Networking Tips to Work for You

All businesses, including yours, thrive on connections. And the more you can grow and strengthen these connections, the more success you will likely experience. So, with that in mind, here are a few suggestions for boosting your networking efforts.

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How to be a Procurement Rockstar
February 11, 2020

How to be a Procurement Rock Star

Here’s one area where you can shine: apparel. Offer employees the latest trends in workplace apparel and clothing gift items from an intuitive website that delivers an Amazon-like experience.

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