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Patient Safety

Enhance Care

Build and sustain a foundation for safer care with a portfolio of wristbands, labels, visual control products and services that promote positive patient identification, improve the patient experience and ensure patient safety.

Consult a patient safety expert.

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Standardizing Patient Identification

Eliminate Variability

Many hospitals lack an efficient approach to positive patient identification. Without a defined program for handling patient information, organizations are susceptible to inconsistencies and rogue spend. Consolidate vendors, eliminate variability and standardize processes to:   
  • Improve patient safety
  • Promote positive patient identification
  • Drive patient satisfaction
  • Reduce communication errors
  • Minimize costs
  • Realize significant process improvements

Set-up a Patient ID Consolidation Assessment

A Transformation for Patient Registration

Right Patient, Right Care

Eager to control specimens and medication administration, one West Coast hospital that is committed to quality, patient-centered care deployed SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise. Automatically produce customized patient registration kits -- wristbands, labels, face sheets, consents and other pertinent documentation – integrating the patient’s photo, personal demographics and barcodes on each to:

  • Streamline patient registration
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduced opportunities for identity fraud

Download Patient Safety Best Practices

Patient Safety


  • Comprehensive portfolio of wristbands, labels, visual control products, and services
  • Patient ID Consolidation Program to consolidate vendors and standardize processes
  • Patient safety expertise to address gaps in compliance
  • Convenient web-based ordering with SMARTworks® eCommerce
  • Merge patient demographic data to wristbands and labels with SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise


  • Established relationship with the top 5 GPOs
  • Reduced costs with wristband and label consolidation
  • Simple, effortless implementation with onsite support
  • Improved patient safety and communication among caregivers
  • Enhanced accuracy and compliance with Joint Commission, HIPAA and AHA
  • Reduced risk with products optimized for the rigors of clinical use
  • Greater staff and supply chain efficiency