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Helping Senior Living Communities Improve Quality of Care

As a senior living professional, you strive to deliver programs that help your facilities enhance the quality of life and care for residents while boosting the level of engagement with their families, the community and your benefactors.

We can help you maintain brand consistency, build community relations, attract new patients and residents, engage residents, and their families and reduce operating costs.

Get started today. Connect with a healthcare expert to see how to improve communications with your stakeholders while reducing your total operating costs.

Print Center Challenges

Internal and External Factors

Pressure to do more with less is coming from all directions. Key drivers include:
  • Affordable Care Act payment systems forcing hospitals to focus exclusively on patient care
  • Cost-cutting measures, vendor reduction
  • Need to rein in maverick spending and brand renegades
  • Desire to free up space, resources and capital
  • A secure environment for HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Need for caution in handling Patient Information (PI) and Patient Health Information (PHI)

Let Taylor Healthcare help you redirect more resources to patient care, cut costs and improve printing quality.

See If You Should Be Outsourcing Your Print Center

Safe and Sound Communications

Durable, Customizable Design

Designed to be placed on the wall outside of a patient’s room, the Patient Care Sign features:

  • Two types of wall mounts
  • Header with hospital room number
  • ADA compliant braille
  • Infectious disease inserts that slide in the front
  • Face of the sign is magnetic (Many hospitals use magnetic notifications today and can easily be integrated with this system)
  • Door opens to reveal the easy-to-slide icons

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What Industry Is Saying

“Individuals and their families are the common threads—from beginning to end—of any health or healthcare experience. Engaging people as full partners in care is critical to designing a system that meets specific and individual patient and family needs.”
National Quality Forum